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Literatura o kompetencah

  1. Testing for Competence Rather than Intelligence, David Mc Clelland, 1973, American Pscychologist
  2. Competence at Work, Lyle and Signe M. Spencer, John Wiley& Sonns, Inc., 1993
  3. The Performance Consultants Fieldbook, Judith Hale, Jossey Bass Pfeiffer, 1998
  4. Performance Reality: The New Realities, M. Armstrong & A. Baron, Institute of Personnel and Development, 1998
  5. Successfull Managers Handbook, Personell Decisions International, The Profilor, 1996
  6. The Appraisal Checklist, Brian Watling, Prentice Hall, 2000
  7. www.hr.com
  8. Izbrana gradiva, dr. Ivan Svetlik, FDV
  9. The Competent Manager, Richard Boyatzis, Willey-Interscience, 1982
  10. The art and science of Competency Models, A. Lucia in R. Lepsinger, Jossey-Bass Pfeiffer,1992
  11. People and Competencies, Boulter, Dalzier in Hill, Kogan Page
  12. The Effective Competency modelling and reporting, Kennet Carlton Cooper, AMACON, 1999
  13. The Human Value of Enterprise, Andre Mayo, Nicholas Brealey Publishing, London, 2001
  14. Building Robust Competencies, Paul C. Green, Jossey-Bass Publishers, 1999

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